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Welcome to Nappy or Knot Barbershop Website!

Nappy or Knot Barbershop, a vision of mine since age 10, was founded August 10th, 2013. Growing up in the inner city, and walking by the barber school, I always knew that being a barber and opening up a barbershop would be an opportunity for me to get out of a toxic environment. With both parents addicted to alcohol and drugs, the only people around me that had success were barbers, cosmologists, or people doing the wrong thing. I wanted to start something that my parents could be proud of, because much like my parents, I’d always been told that I was bound to fail in this society due to my environment and my parents’ behavior. Unfortunately, my mother passed three months after our doors opened, so she didn't get the chance to witness her son's success. She didn’t get the chance to see that amidst the circumstances and the environment; her love guided me into a better path...SUCCESS! I hope that I am making her proud by bringing the vision into existence.

The reason Nappy Or Knot Barbershop exists, is to give young men the opportunity to experience a positive influence and observe men be successful. It is also an opportunity for other men and women to become successful. The aim is to have each barber who works at Nappy Or Knot Barbershop become an owner of their own shop. I hope you come to support the vision. It can benefit and change your life too!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a safe and comfortable place for your family. We strive to provide one of, if not the best, haircut experiences that our clients will ever have. We consult our clients on professional hair care, and show young men a professional and successful influence behind the chair. We also provide an opportunity for men and women to become barbers and own their own Nappy Or Knot Barbershop one day.

We Are Known For


We pay attention to detail and strive for every haircut to be clean and precise. Hot towel and razor services included with every adult haircut


We strive to provide stellar service to our clients


We focus on providing services in a timely and professional manner


We make every effort to be available to meet our clients' needs


Walk in price list


Kids age 0-13....$15

Young men 14-18....$20

Senior 69 and up....$20

Hot towel and razor included with adult haircut

Appointment prices may vary

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